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Vietnam’s Golden Bridge | Hands of the Gods!

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge, located on the Ba Na Hills in the South Asian country of Vietnam, Da Nang, is the most interesting and the most beautiful bridge in the world, opened in June 2018.

At a sea level of 1400 meters in height and 150 meters in length, the Golden Bridge became the symbol of Far East Asia. $ 2 billion was spent on this bridge construction.

The most interesting point of this bridge, which is located in the green, is the hand-shaped feet that are connected to the floor. Two large hands hold the bridge in the air. The designer described the bridge as “Hands that pull a golden ribbon from the earth” About two million visitors flocked here every two months.

There is a stunning view over the bridge. When you come here, the nature and bridge designer offers you a wonderful visual feast. Here you can capture beautiful photo frames. Anyone who has heard this bridge is coming here. Even in the photo, this bridge that gives excitement to people should be one of the places to be seen before dying. So you should immediately remove your trip list and add this hyperlink.

This structure also took its place in the 2018 Time Magazine. There are 12 locations in this list. These structures are popular places to visit in the world. One of these places is the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. I highly recommend you to see this structure.

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How to get to Vietnam’s Golden Bridge?

Vietnam's Golden Bridge

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is located on the Ba Na Hills in the South Asian country of Da Nang, Vietnam. The city of Da Nang is located 795 km south of Hanoi. After arriving in the capital, you can reach Da Nang city by air, road and rail.

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