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The lake houses are usually near the shore or near the shore. However, this time we will visit the house a bit far from the lake, but from a very nice angle to the lake has rooms. The road to the house, which does not have a private road, passes through a beautiful and fairytale road.

Both the front and rear of the entrance have walking paths into the forest. The patio with the front door is very spacious. We can even watch the lake from this section where only a few chairs are available.

The interior of the house is quite simple and stylish. The exterior of the lake, which is dark in color, is left to the naturalness of the wood color and the interior walls to be a bright environment.

We burn the fireplace in the most extreme part of the hall and watch the lake view from the glass section.

The kitchen and the other rooms have a colorful design. Yellow blue and red colors are used in mixed colors in the interior decoration of the people’s eyes are really pleasant.

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