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Cabin Home | Intertwined Nature And Modern Design

The French design studio Lumicene is very good at designing spaces that combine interior life with cabin home nature. The newest project, LUMIPOD, is a small round prefabricated cabinet of 10 square meters built on sliding, curved glass windows. A perfect, minimalist retreat for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life by blending perfectly with the surrounding wild nature.

LUMIPOD, which has a minimum effect on the environment and is designed to be easily installed within 2 days, can be sent to anywhere in the world. The four-screw pile is made of a steel frame that sits on the foundation, and the wooden outer wall of the house contains 15 cm of rockwool and a protective layer of rain, so it can withstand the hard elements. In fine weather, guests can swing open curved windows to create a closed open space.