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12 Amazing DIY Works! Easy and Cleverly Prepared

Often amazing DIY works requires a little time, imagination and dexterity. Many people are scared of doing something on their own, and they use their preferences to get their ready made. But on your own, the hobby objects you will do for yourself will not only save you money, but also make you feel better. Here are 12 Amzing DIY Works!

Paint your keys with nail polish!

Last key selection of key among the crowd of key! Use different colors of nail polish to paint your keys, so you can easily separate your keys. Keep in mind that which color belongs to which door you need to do. There is also an easy way to do this, you can put a letter or sign on your keys. You see, it’s like a piece of cake! Our creative followers can also decorate their keys with various patterns and shapes if they wish.

Use Your Explosion lambs as a Vase!

After reading these lines, you don’t throw bulbs in the trash and keep them in a corner. Because it’s only a matter of time before you use your exploded bulbs as a highly decorative object. To do this, you will need an old bulb, pliers, nail care kit and hammer. Using these materials you can create beautiful vases. Break the black part under the bulb with the help of the nail care kit and hammer. Detach the bulb from the bulb and the small strip of gray. Do not forget to throw broken pieces of glass into the trash. Break the other piece of glass inside the bulb using a nail care kit and a hammer. Any roughness around the bulb, again using the maintenance set to destroy. Remove the wrap inside the bulb with the help of a shoemaker. Shake your bulb a few shots so that there are no glass pieces inside. And here’s your vase. You can hang the bulb on the wall with two holes and the wire that will pass through the bottom of your bulb.

Let Your Fireflies Roam Inside Your Jar!

The only thing you need to create a jar with this fantastic look is a few empty jars, highlighter adhesive and sim. The process is quite easy. Open the jar to let the adhesive into the jar and pour in the sim. Place a small led under the jar and close the jar. The jar is indispensable for the romantic evenings that gives the feeling that the fireflies roam.

Create Stools from your Old Journals!

It will almost rot under your desk or base! Your old magazines and books can actually be used for a more creative purpose than you think. Using such books and magazines, you can create a highly creative stool. The book and the magazine, as well as a pillow and two pieces of belt you need. Place magazines or books on top of each other and place the pillow on top. Secure this structure by tightening the belt with two sides. Here’s your stool!

NOTE: Be careful not to do so with religious books.

From Children’s Books to Wonders on Your Walls!

Decorate the walls of your child’s room using his favorite story books. Believe it, your child will be very happy when they see the characters or scenes you love and will also have a wonderful design of the walls of the room. What you need to do is separate the picture pages from the book and get them from stores like IKEA (it’s much better if you actually do it yourself). It’s done!

Move your garden to a small jar!

Find the beautiful looking vase and find inside the pebbles, soil and dry leaf. Place the plant inside and complete the decor with small objects. You can use objects such as a small tree trunk, dry leaves for decor. Put the jars in a place where you can get sunshine and enjoy your decoration. Be proud of yourself for creating such a small garden and take good care of it.

Bath Salt!

Do you prefer to buy bath salts that you can do in just a few steps? What you need is some sea salt, your favorite oil and food coloring. You are free to create the combination of color and fragrance you want. Enjoy it!

Give a Message With Coffee Cup!

Whether you want to customize the cup of coffee you have, or to make this cup unique to give to someone. All you need is a coffee cup and a Sharpie market. Use your imagination and find something creative to draw or write. You can apply the writing or drawing to the inside or outside of your cup. After the writing / drawing process is completed, leave your cup at 350F for 30 minutes so that it is permanent.

Convert PVC Pipes to Shoe Rack!

Most of us have a lot of shoes and the same amount of shoes, right? Instead of going to the stores and getting expensive shoe racks, you can make yourself one by using PVC pipes. Cut PVC pipes evenly and glue them together to form the shape you want them to stand on the wall. This design will not only save you money but also as a stylish accessory.

Create Coffee Scented Candles by Yourself!

Who doesn’t like the smell of a hot coffee? It’s time to stop paying fortune to get coffee-scented candles! You can create the same object by replacing these candles with regular candle and glass storage containers. Fill the storage container with coffee beans and place the wax in the center. Enjoy the unique fragrance and the dim candle light!

Use Your Old Books as a Shelf!

We think that you read the rest of our article by holding your breath. J Be ready, it comes even better than all the above. Do not throw your old books. Because these books can be much more useful than you think. Choose a book with leather covered and beautiful patterns / color. Get two sets of hinges. You will use one of them at the bottom of the book and the other at the top. Perform the drilling by measuring the thickness of each book. Place the book between the two hinges and place your favorite objects on top. What a perfect decoration idea!